Stock of the Day – 3/28/13

Today has been a pretty normal market day. One notable event has been BBRY’s earnings announcement. Blackberry surprised everyone by including sales for the Z10 smartphone in today’s earnings announcement. As a result of the earnings announcement, shares of BBRY are trading up around 3%. Now enough market news, and time for the stock of the day. Today, I recommend watching VXX. VXX has been really volatile over the past few days. Throughout the day, its up 4%, down 2%, up another 3%, down 5%…etc. That being said, I think VXX is a good ETF to daytrade. Take a look at the chart:

As you can see in the chart above, VXX goes crazy throughout the day. Bundled with the right intraday view and using technicals like RSI and MFI to predict the price movement, one should be able to make some money consistently on VXX.

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