Stock of the Day – 4/2/13

Today is a pretty bullish market day. At the time of this post, the DJI is up .70%, NASDAQ .84% and S&P500 .69%. Here are some of the top stocks that are gaining today:


For today’s stock of the day analysis, I think one should take a look at YOKU. When looking at a very short term day-trading view of 2 minutes in ThinkorSwim, YOKU generated a buy signal based on RSI.

Screen Shot 2013-04-02 at 11.52.47 AMThis buy signal can also be confirmed when taking a more macro look at YOKU. On a long term chart, RSI, MFI and STO all look like they are signaling an increase in YOKU’s price. ¬†MFI and RSI are good indications of YOKU’s price movement, as confirmed by the correct sell signal in February.



Trading Plan:

  • For daytrading, I would keep looking at YOKU’s chart in a 1-3 minute view using RSI to determine when its about to pop. I don’t expect YOKU to experience more than a 2% gaining day, however anything is possible with daytrading.
  • For a long term buyer, YOKU looks like a good buy candidate and I set a 60-day price target to $18-19.


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